“Life is a game, play it.”
Mother Teresa

Spiritual Life Coaching: individuals, couples, groups:

Nancy offers individuals coaching sessions on the phone. Each session is approximately one hour long and is offered once every two-four weeks based on client and coach availability.

As your coach, Nancy’s job is to support couples in constructing a custom-designed plan to help manage their marriage or relationship. Providing an alternative or supplement to marriage counseling, Nancy’s role as a coach is to teach you skills and motivate couples to incorporate those skills into their daily life. By supplying individuals with new information, skills, and assignments, Nancy will help couples be accountable for the positive changes they decide to make in themselves and in their marriage or relationship.
Nancy also offers group coaching sessions. If you are interested and know of two or more other people who are interested in joining in with you, you could share your experience and wisdom with others as well as reap the benefits of the powerful, dynamic, and contagious energy of a group! You’ll also be sharing the cost with other people, so please don’t hesitate and contact Nancy for your appointment.

Group Facilitation

If you are looking to increase your group’s focus and motivation regarding a vision and/or goal, Nancy can support you and your group in doing so. Nancy has the ability to support the group in identifying and removing barriers that may impede the higher performance within the group. Nancy will support the group in clarifying roles and expectations within the group, as well increase the group’s ability to coordinate together to achieve goals and visions. She will also enhance the group’s communication.


Workshops are offered based on group interest. Nancy has facilitated workshops on broad topics. She will also collaborate with other spiritual life coaches to offer a workshop specifically designed to fit a groups’ interest.

Conscious Connected Breathing

Conscious Connected Breathing increases energy flow in the body and induces relaxation, which in turn release tension and negative feelings, as well as drive out toxins, impurities and traumas from the body and mind. Nancy is certified in this type of healing modality and supports individuals in and through the process.

Other Services Available Upon Request:

Ceremonies: weddings, blessings
Speaking engagements

If you are interested in any of the services above, please contact Nancy.

  • Clients Are Saying

    Rev. Nancy loving coaching supported me through one of the most powerful transformative experiences in my life. The depth of love and compassion she expressed for me was felt from the very beginning. The prayerful stance she took for me in the pits of my own resistance to change was amazing. She demonstrated time and time again how to keep my heart open and be in a space of love. I will be forever humbled and thank for to her. — Rolita Noble
    The most outstanding thing about Rev. Yeates and her coaching of me is her unconditional love. She is very gentle and kind and she makes me know every day that I am a divine child of God. Rev. Yeates is readily available and she gives freely of her time and advice. I am now able to put into practice what she has taught me and it has enhanced my life tenfold. I am truly grateful that God made our paths cross. — Cynthia D’Souza
    Nancy is the one person I can turn to when I’m struggling that can break through my funk and totally accept me at the same time. Nancy’s awareness, joy, and candor are a recipe for real healing. — Julie C Spencer
    From the moment I met Rev. Nancy, I knew in my heart that I had met a woman that was Divinely appointed to be an important part of my journey….and through the past four years it has been so powerfully demonstrated. Rev. Nancy has been my spiritual life coach, advisor and spirit sister all in one as she has offered unconditional love in manifesting my own self-love. She has always intuitively known what I was “asking for” and responded according whether it be tender nurturing,… — Mona Thiel
    I highly recommend Rev. Nancy as a life coach. She is available and shares candidly from her own life experiences and from her heart. She has a gentle, loving, yet powerful spirit which shows up in her coaching. She has supported me in getting unstuck, making important decisions, moving forward in life, loving myself and so much more. I trust her as a coach and as a friend. You won’t be disappointed. — Ingrid Hamilton
    Every good coach needs a coach….and as a coach myself, I can’t imagine working with anyone else. Nancy is kind, compassionate, and brings the best out in us all. Nancy has been an invaluable resource to me both personally and professionally. I am eternally grateful for having her in my life. — Michelle Phillips, Bestselling author of The Beauty Blueprint - 8 Steps to Building the Life and Look of your Dreams
    Reverend Nancy has an incredible way of listening — actively listening and then responding with just the right words. In each session, her gentle yet powerful advice is like unwrapping a “bundle of love” that adds perspective that is amazing. I feel blessed to have been led to Reverend Nancy at this point of my journey. — FR – Oakton , VA